Livigesh (Junmin Cho) is an electronic producer, live performer and DJ.

Livigesh spent his early years living in South Korea, Ethiopia, Chicago, Ireland and Colorado. Music became his constant source of companionship since he moved around quite often. His first contact with music was classical music. He began playing the piano and classical violin from a young age.
He discovered the guitar and the world of electronics afterwards and began teaching himself the basics. He would often spend days and nights learning, writing songs and experimenting with electronics.

During his early teens, he started to use DAWs to create instrumentals and began to get familiar with 20th century classical music. The experiments and musical revolution of the 20th century intrigued him. Livigesh's interest in music kept developing, and after talking to a music professor at college, he began taking music classes in college.

During his college days, he would study music, philosophy, history and the sciences and when school wasn't in session, he would make music with his college friends and play in bands. After college, Livigesh started to hone in on his sound. Livigesh aims to make and play music with the notion that music, essentially, is an expression, and that it reveals itself as it progresses through the times.