Richard V (le Daron)

Richard V (le Daron)

Richard V (le Daron) is a composer, producer and DJ of electronic music raised in Lille and a resident of Rhône Alpes (France).

Richard V has hosted his radio show PUREMIX on Radio Ellebore for more than 5 years.
This show based on the discovery of the best tracks of electronic music of the moment with as guests : Maelstrom, Flore, D'Jamency and many more …

Then he quit the party organization in order to concentrate myself to composition.

Richard V (le Daron) will be releasing his EP From Lisboa to London with us on October 27th, and we are hoping that this will be the first of many releases with Soa Music.

From Lisboa to London EP as an amazing EP with hints of old skool Acid house, leading into laid back groove, but all having an impressive beat behind them.