Livigesh - Just a bit closer EP - Interview

Ahead of his forthcoming release, we caught up with Livigesh to ask some questions about life in Korea, music and boat floating.

1. Hello Livigesh, how’s things in South Korea?

Things are well in South Korea. I keep myself busy producing, scoring for films, performing live sets, DJ Sets and playing with my pup, Lexi.

2. What’s the music scene like in Korea and what’s filling the dance floors?

Electronic music is in its maturing phase here in Korea. There are new clubs popping up here and there so often in Seoul, it’s interesting to see and be a part of. There is a club called ‘Cakeshop’ in Itaewon, Seoul, and the music there is very diverse, playing hip hop to techno. There is a club called ’Faust’ in Seoul that plays mostly house and techno. Sven Väth recently played at ‘Faust’ and it was good fun.
To me, house and techno seem to fill the dance floors at the moment.

3. What was the inspiration behind your ”just a bit closer EP”?

I wanted to see if I could focus on a specific sound by setting parameters that keep me on some kind of vibe.

4. How would you describe the “Livigesh sound”?

It’s difficult to describe the “Livigesh sound.” Some of my friends say that the music sounds different every time I release something. I’d say the “Livigesh sound” is bodacious and colorful. haha.

5. You spent your early life travelling and living in different countries, what was that like and does the different cultures have an effect of your music?

It was eye opening in a lot of ways to travel and live in different countries growing up. I’ve always been close to the music scenes and music of the countries that I’ve visited and lived in. Even though they may seem very different from culture to culture, they seem to share a common denominator.

Absolutely, being exposed to different cultures have an effect on my music because that formed who I am as a person now. I’m still growing and curious and feel like I’ve got lots to learn.

6. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

When will the earth be like an utopia and have complete peace?

7. Where did your name come from?

Livigesh is a portmanteau of Titus Livy and Gesh. Titus Livy is one of my favorite historians who wrote the “History of Rome.” Gesh is a word I made up, which I only know the meaning of.

8. What equipment do you use and do you have a favourite?

For my live sets, I use an Alienware 17 laptop with Ableton, Korg Electribe 2, Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+, Akai APC Mini and Behringer BCR2000. My favorite gear at the moment is the Korg Electribe 2.

For my DJ Sets, a set of CDJs and a decent mixer will do.

9. Do you have any useless talents?

Yes, I can spin a flat surfaced object (ie. notebooks, books etc) for hours on end.

10. Outside of music, what else floats your boat?

Outside of music, a good meal floats my boat.

"Just a bit closer EP" is released on October 1st 2018 and is available from all good download sites.