Soa Music Statement

Hello to you all.

We hope that whoever you are and wherever you are at, you are well and surrounded by peace and love.

It's been a rough old couple of years for everyone around the globe, and like everyone else we have had to take stock and concentrate on the health and happiness of our families and loved ones. So, we put Soa Music on the back burner until things had eased enough to allow us the time to release some amazing and interesting music.

Here at Soa, we always wanted to be different and not pigeon holed into one style or genre. Instead we decided early on to release music that we find interesting, creative and different.
This probably isn't the best business plan, but we are committed and dedicated to helping artists to be heard by as many ears as we can.

Whether it's sun soaked vibes from Belarus, experimental beats from Finland or foot tapping Brazilian Bass, we're going to keep doing what we do, and we'd love for you to come with us on our journey.