Buben - Alom EP's - Interview & Review

Buben is at the forefront of electronic and experimental music in Belarus. The cultic musician is continuing to influence several generations of Belarusian electronic artists, and we are proud and honoured that he chose Soa Music to release his new EP’s Alom 1 & 2.

Alom 1 & 2 are a beautifully crafted blend of beats and chilled out grooves that are perfect for those lazy sun drenched days.

Here’s what he had to say.

Firstly, a huge welcome to the Soa Music family it’s great to have you on board.

Thank you! Always happy to meet dedicated people with a varied musical experience.

How’s it going and how’s things in Belarus?

As I have been involved into underground music in Belarus since 1990s with punk-rock group Barfly’s Dreams and other electro-industrial projects, I can track the situation for the last 25 years very well.
I think it has developed from the altruism movement of people who wanted to change the society and politics to more commercial and utilitarian approach to music now. Art has become more cynical and capitalistic, as the rest of the world. Only to look at US President Trump… But now back to music.

Alom 1 and 2 will be your first release through Soa Music available from July 16th, 2018. Could you please tell us a little about the tracks and the inspiration behind them?

I adhere to a kind of music impressionism, where all my emotional states are absorbed into music forms. As my emotions often change, there is a vast range of their expression – this is how a large amount of releases of mine can be explained. Listeners can perceive these impulses and join me in these feelings or create their own experience out of my sounds.

When did you first have an interest in music? What first made you think “I want to make music”.

I first got interest in music when I was in the second form at school. My parents, unlike many in the Soviet Union, had a tape recorder and they listened to their own recordings.
I wanted to have my own recordings, so I borrowed some modern tunes from the friend and recorded the “forbidden” music from radio stations. These were both heavy metal groups popular at that time, on the other had synth pop and space disco producers. It was prohibited, and you could get punished at school for such music taste.
From 8th form I was a school DJ. Meanwhile, I also performed at an acoustic guitar group with my friends. These have become my two simultaneous paths – rock and electronic dancing music.
Already in an adult age I understood though that rock music ceased development, it started to repeat itself, so I decided to concentrate on the styles that had more development opportunities, mainly electronic and free improvisation music.

What music do you listen to for your own pleasure?

It is diverse. It depends on my mood. There’s time for ambient and jazz, for house and techno, but also for grind core, noise and death metal.

Describe your main inspirations and greatest influences?

I am inspired by the people around me, the books I read and films I watch.
Most important is the perception of my music by other people and a certain grade to which they accept and understand it. I am convinced that music is a unique language with no words but effective to appeal to people regardless of their background. This unique communication opportunity inspires me most.

What’s the Belarusian music scene like? What’s filling the dance floors?

There are a lot of talented musicians in Belarus representing different genres – also young electronic musicians. Meanwhile, the dance floors cannot be called full as people prefer to search for music and entertainments in their gadgets rather than at clubs or gigs. There are some very few artists that can gather big crowds.
In my view, the problem is also the low self-esteem of Belarusian musicians. This is not any longer typical of other countries of Eastern Europe. But in Belarus a mediocre foreign musician would gather a much larger auditorium than a world-renowned Belarusian musician , while there are quite a few leading world music charts in assorted styles.
Another important aspect in promotion, which is on a very low level in our country. Artistic management is poorly developed. Meanwhile, many would agree that about 80-90% of a producer’s success depends on the right promotion.

What equipment do you use and what’s your favourite piece of kit?

I gladly use both analogue synths and computer soft. I actually like unusual, strange sound of old school USSR Polyvox synthesizer, which now can be found emulated in software. I have also a set of Volca Beats synths and drum machines as well as other Korg products. Nice toys for boys over forty years old J
Sometimes I also produce my own electronic instruments. Recently I have done a percussion instrument made of old tubes. I will use it in my experimental and free improvisation performances.

This will be your first release with Soa Music, how are you finding it? How are the new owners doing?

Every time I start a collaboration with a new label, I am open for communication and discussion, and I appreciate the work that Soa Music puts into my first release. I look forward to other kinds of collaboration. I am a multi-functional person and I also work as a teacher of psychology at the university, make paintings and write small essays and books for children.

Thanks for your time Buben.


Buben has created a Balearic Feel across the two EP’s (Alom 1 & 2), which makes you smile for past summery experiences and makes you desire more.

Alom 1

Deepest Caves
Deepest Caves is a rich multi-layered experience with a mind-bending vibe track laid over a solid beat that makes you want to nod your head…
It’s a late-night buzz fest that only makes you smile and remember good times. A sweet ride and a great experience.

Either To Play
Another really sweet Ibiza infused track that gives the early Café Mambo feel.
Warm summer evening track that makes you yearn for warm sand and gentle waves waiting for the sun to come up.

My Heart
My Heart hits the summer heights of earlier tracks and also delivers a great club classic. It feels like something you heard many years ago and brings a smile to have those feelings again.
Another strong track delivered with effortless ease.

Alom 2

Fresh Recreation
Early Chicago House laid over a summer vibe with a nod to classics from the past.
This is the stand out track that gives you everything you want in a holiday to sunnier climes… Waves and piano’s, what’s not to love about this upbeat anthem.

Home Sitter
Continuing the vibe of this outstanding EP, Home Sitter brings darker, more club-based vibes, still with a nod to the Balearic’s, but a deeper richer experience.
The feel is Carl Cox and Jose Padilla would enjoy playing this at the height of the season.

Give it a try if you are feeling the hot weather and give it a try to lift your spirits.

Chuck Higson
Better Days Publications

You can buy Alom 1 & 2 from our releases page.